People can never rise above their opinion of themselves.

Do you believe you are worthy of success, happiness and an amazing life?
One of my favorite stories of high self-opinion is of Mr. George M. Pullman. Mr. Pullman has such confidence in his abilities to solve complex problems that Mr. Andrew Carnegie once joked that he wanted someone who can lift up a hotel full of guests, 10 feet in the air, build an underground railroad, and put the hotel back down without disturbing a single guest’s sleep. Mr. Pullman volunteered for the job when others said it was impossible. 
​Having a high self-opinion is one of the most important things you can do. It controls your self-esteem, your destiny and your happiness. It dictates if you believe you are worthy of success. It dictates if you see yourself as a victim or a victor. 
The Yoruba culture of West Africa has a popular saying that parents repeat to their kids.  “The successful person doesn’t have two heads” if she can become successful, so can you” This constant saying goes a long way to boost the confidence and self-esteem of the Yoruba people.
Here are 4 practical steps to change your opinion of yourself.
1. Change your environment to change your opinion of yourself: Environment is a very powerful thing. The people you surround yourself with and the information you consume shapes your life.  Surround yourself with people and information that encourages you to action and self-belief. Read often and consume constructive information.
2.  ​Take action: You are the only person you can control in life.  When you want a change in your life, don’t wait for someone else to do it for you.  Don’t try to change others.  Take action. Ask yourself, if it ought to be done, then why not me?
3. Stop worrying about what other people think: “Thine Own Reproach Only Do Fear”.  We came to earth alone; we will go alone.  Worrying about the opinion of others cripples us from taking action and reduces our self-esteem. Ironically, we care more about ourselves than any other person, but we let people’s opinions dictate our opinion of ourselves.  Your opinion of yourself is all that matters.
4. Ask for help: Some of us are too concerned about how others perceive us that we refuse to ask for help.  We can do anything we want to, but we cannot do it all alone.  We will need to enlist the guidance and assistance of others.  Frequently ask for assistance as you build your opinion of yourself.
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