Oftentimes, it doesn’t matter how hard you row, it matters which boat you get in. -Warren Buffett.
In the path to success, there are two key variables. The speed at which we row and the ocean we are rowing in. No matter how hard you work in some certain industries, countries, circumstances, it is extremely difficult to get the results you desire. No matter how hard I row in my neighborhood pool, it will never get me to Europe. I have to be in the Atlantic Ocean to get to Europe.
I have seen people leave work so hard in one industry and never make significant progress, but once they change industries, everything changes. Don’t only focus on rowing harder, take the time to constantly examine your ocean if you are not making the progress your desire. 
Here are 7 steps that can aid you in examining your ocean.
1. Self-Assessment: Assess your skills, interests, personality, and values. Assess if your skills are complementary to your occupation.
2. Read often: Expose yourself to a lot of information and options.
3. Meet more people, network often: The more connections you make, the higher the likelihood that you find your ocean.
4. Identify and Research Options:  Research options that fits your assessment and that can help fulfil your financial goals. Assess this up front before engaging in the occupation.
5. Evaluate and Prioritize: Evaluate your options for the one or two that fits you the most and pursue only one or two at a time. Focus will aid you in attaining your goals faster.
6. Take action: Nothing works until you take action to further your goals. This is when you can start rowing. Row as hard as you can. Pursue your dreams vigorously.
7. Reflect and Re-evaluate: You might not get it right the first time, or you might get it right, but your situation changes, and you need to change your ocean again as your situation changes.

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