Nine to Five (9 – 5), is that your day or just your workday?

According to a new national study, most of us Americans live as thus our workday is our entire day. We often go to work, then come back home and simply wait, get on social media, watch TV and just resign, waiting for the next workday to begin. We essentially live as if our workday is our entire day, and everything we do is just either waiting for the workday or resting after the workday. It is essentially a disaster and an epidemic as we waste away our most precious resource (our time). We forget that we have at least additional 8 hours outside of work (not counting sleep time) that should be maximized and enjoyed.

Here are a few tips to ensure that you maximize the other 8 hours or more outside of work.

1. Put everything into your calendar: Schedule everything including non-work-related events prior to work and after work on your calendar. If you can wake up early enough, go for a long walk with a partner, get coffee, meditate etc.

2. Schedule events after work and before going home: Seldom go home directly after work. Stop by the gym; meet with some friends; take the kids to a park and let them run around, take the kids to other activities.

3. Pick up reading, pick a hobby or start a side hustle that you can schedule in the times before and after work.

4. Reduce your commute time: Look for a home close to work or look for a job close to home. The time spent commuting plus the fatigue we suffer during commuting reduces our ability to live every moment. We just want to come home and wait for the next day.

5. Reduce or eliminate your social media consumption: Do not spend your whole time off work staring at a screen. Schedule time to meet with people regularly (go to a cafe, a bar, park, restaurants, etc.) and put your phone away or put your phone on Do Not Disturb (DND). Turn off all the notifications on your social media apps.

6. Sitting is the new smoking: Research has shown that a long period of sitting causes several health issues such as obesity, increased blood pressure etc. Take regular breaks from extended sitting. Get moving, get a standing desk, do squats at work etc.

Finally, plan lunch or coffee with work colleagues, do dinner with friends, neighbors and family. Time is what life is made of, don’t just exist and work, appreciate life and the journey.

When life gives you a chance to dance or sit it out, I hope you dance. -Leann Womack

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