As we begin this new year, we often make new year resolutions, goals and plans on how to improve our lives for the next year and further.
I first came across a 75-days challenge a few weeks ago, however, I felt some of the challenge items are impractical and unsustainable.
Here are 6 challenge items for 60 days to get your 2023 on the right track to success and happiness.
For the next 60 days,
1. Start every day with a ‘Gratitude Moment’: There are always going to be challenges and hard times, however, start each day with the list of things you are grateful for and watch how your perception start to improve. 
2. No TV, Social Media scrolling (including WhatsApp status surfing), no binge-watching YouTube, no Netflix, no video games etc.: It is amazing how we have been conditioned to wake up and grab our phones and waste our time by scrolling and giving the social media companies arguably the most precious time of our day. First, turn off all your social media notifications. Next, as you see yourself opening up any of the media platforms discussed here, get off immediately and switch to an audio book, podcast etc. This will be extremely difficult but worth it. If you need social media for your business, you should post on there and get out. DON”T KEEP SCROLLING.
3. Read at least 15 minutes a day: Read at least 15 minutes per day on a non-fiction subject that you find interesting or relevant to your work or business. According to research, reading 20 minutes per day would put you at the top of your industry if the skills attained are properly implemented. 
4. Listen to productive podcast 15 minutes a day: Listen to productive podcast for at least 15 minutes a day. There are incredible ideas that can derived from listening to podcasts. Podcasting is also a great alternative to social media scrolling, listening to music for hours, YouTubing etc.
5. Work out for at least 15 minutes a day: The benefit of this habit is obvious. Just 15 minutes a day compounded for at least 60 days will generate significant gains. Combine this habit with healthy eating habits for 60 days if able.
6. No late-night partying or binge drinking: Finally, late night partying and binge drinking also reduces our productivity. Take at least 60 days off from this habit and watch your productivity soar.
For other simple tips on attaining success, please visit my website, and get a copy of my books Success Made Simple or Will You Ever Be Rich?
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