As we are on the cusp of a new year, 2022.  It’s time to start making our New Year goals, why not make audacious goals.  In addition to focus, tenacity, hard work, talent, leverage, leadership and lots of luck, here are the top 10 career fields that can lead you to becoming a billionaire.
1. Banking & Finance: This career field like many in this article is very vast. This field includes Investment bankers, investors, hedge fund managers etc.  This field accounts for the largest percentage of Billionaires in the world.  Exploring the inner workings of this career field can lead to great financial reward. According to data, 15% of billionaires made their wealth in this career field.
2. Real Estate: Real Estate developers, real estate investors, real estate financiers etc.  There are several activities in the Real Estate space that can produce serious amounts of wealth. According to data, 10% of billionaires made their billions from the Real Estate industry and 70% of millionaires is through Real Estate.
3. Insurance: Technically, the insurance industry can be categorized as part of the financial services industry, however we decided to separate it here because the activities required for these industries are different.  Similarly to financial services, the insurance company generates an incredible amount of cash from other people’s premiums, which can be used as leverage to generate large amounts of profits.
4. Entrepreneur: Generally, aspiring to becoming a billionaire seldom takes the path of low risk.  Most billionaires are leaders of industry that started or acquired a business.  Entrepreneurship is key to every aspect of becoming a billionaire.
5. STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics to include software engineering and computer sciences account for a good number of billionaires.  According to data, this number stands at 10% and is increasing daily.
6. Lawyer: A good number of lawyers tend to turn their skills into very lucrative careers.  Most of these lawyers make their billions in other industries, however a law degree has been proven to be a useful career in generating wealth.
7. Accountant: Just like law degrees, accounting degrees also produce a very high number of billionaires. The skills acquired during the study of accounting are critical in becoming a  billionaire when used in the right combination.
8. Healthcare: There are several specific jobs in the healthcare field that produce extremely high incomes.  When combined with entrepreneurship, strong investment acumen etc., the healthcare field is well primed to produce billionaires.
9. Entertainers & Athletes: The definition of entertainers has really broadened these days.  Entertainers include YouTube stars and social media influencers, top level entertainers and athletes have strong earning potential that can lead to wealth.
10. Inventors & Innovators: This is another career field that has produced outsized wealth for centuries.  The ability to create solutions to inconveniences of life has produced great financial rewards.
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