The United States Military is one of the finest organizations for breeding leaders and shaping individuals to be of service to greater causes.  This organization is exemplary in developing men and women from all walks of life and turning them into an integral part of a team and into leaders for life.  The military has been responsible for developing great leaders such as Colin Powell, George Washington, Douglas MacArthur and countless more. I took several leadership notes from my time as serving as Aide-De-Camp to General Brown.
Here are 10 Key Military Leadership Lessons.
1.  Be a Player : The concept of being a player is a very simple concept.  It is all about, “Being All in, All the time”.  Getting involved in your community, organization, etc.  Volunteering for the hard and undesirable work.  Get involved.
2.  Lead not Manage : Even though management is important, in the quest to be an effective leader, it is important to know the difference between leading and managing.  Leading in its simplest form means being a trailblazer, setting the example, being at the forefront and inspiring your followers with empathy and love.
3.  Results or Reasons (You can’t have both) : When you go to war, you come back with your shield or on your shield.  Never confuse efforts and results.
4.  Constantly invite outside consultants to evaluate your performance: We all perform better with accountability.  Accountability is the food of champions.  Having personnel outside of your organization scrutinize your performance is key to help you see your blind spots.
5.  Be adequately staffed : This is one items that can break or make an organization.  Being chronically short staffed can lead to low morale, stress and overall reduction in productivity.
6.  Metrics and Dashboards:  Measure everything. What you measure is what you can improve on.
7.  90% of success is showing up and showing up on time: To be early is to be on time: To be on time is to be late; and the be late is to be unforgivable.  Most people do not bother to show up at all much less show up early.  When you show up early and you leave late, your odds for success is greatly increased.
8.  A bad plan violently executed is better than indecision : Indecision robs you of execution. Do not be bogged down by analysis paralysis.  It’s important to weigh your options carefully and do your due diligence, but speed of action and conviction of action is often more important than the perfect decision.
9.  Heap praises onto others : Morale is critically important in an organization, and one of the biggest reasons good people leave an organization is that they feel that their leaders ‘do not’ appreciate the work that they do.  
10.  Adopt a Servant Leader motto : As military leaders, we see it as our responsibility to serve our subordinates not the other way around.  Most people see their subordinates as people to serve them.  It is our responsibility to serve people and use the position we have attained to help them grow.

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