The thought of predicting one’s future is a very intriguing one but having the ability to actually shape one’s future could be life changing if put into practice.

There are two sure fire ways to shape one’s future.  1. The people you meet and 2. The books you read (or the information you consume).
1. The people you meet: Majority of us have heard of the phrase that “you are the average of your 5 closest friends”.  This is very true, and the good news is that you can change your average.  The people you meet and surround yourself with over the next 10 years will have more impact on determining your future than almost anything else.  Who you choose to date or marry, who you choose to live around, work around, associate with, go to lunch with etc. will determine who you are in 10 years.  If you choose to spend majority of your time attending TED talks, Aspen Institute Events, etc.  You can with a high level of certainty predict who you are going to be in 10 years.  If you joined a country club, moved to a neighborhood with a good school district etc. You need to deliberately shape the quantity of people you meet and the quality of people you meet in order to shape your future.
2. The books you read: In addition to the people you meet, the type of information you consume also has a great impact on shaping your future.  If you spend a considerable amount of time listening to engineering podcasts, and spend a lot of time reading about engineering marvels.  It will be a safe bet to assume that you will trend towards engineering prowess. Spending time to develop yourself by reading and consuming information in an area you want to grow in is critical in order to shape your future.

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