We have all seen it before, some people just seem to find success in almost every major endeavor that they undertake.  I just noticed again recently.  A new class of Real Estate Agents recently received their licenses to practice and about 20% of them are already performing at a very high level while the other 80% are barely treading water.  What is different about this 20%?  What are they doing differently from the others that is making them successful?


Here are 3 simple steps that guarantees success.


  1. Get a mentor: This is perhaps the most effective and efficient way to success.  Having the right mentor can propel your success by leaps and bounds.  Bill Gates was once asked that what is the most important recipe for success, and he replied without even thinking about the question.  Having a mentor or a coach is single-handedly the most important thing anyone can do in pursuit of success.


  1. Be persistent: Nothing in life comes easy.  If you read a hundred success articles, this concept will pop in 98 of them, in one form or the other.  The bottom line is that the path to success is not linear.  It is full of peaks and troughs.  Persistency, determination, and a “Never Quit” attitude is the only thing that will get you to attain the success that you deserve.


  1. Be accountable: Ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things if they are accountable.  The fact is no one can hold themselves accountable, self discipline is fleeting.  We have to be accountable to an external force.  It has to be a system that is punitive or to a coach or an accountability partner.  Do not attempt to hold yourself accountable.



At your service,


Victor Lofinmakin

Top Producing Agent

KW Commercial



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