There are several things that we all want to accomplish in our lives that we often don’t even attempt because we deem it “impossible” or “unattainable”.  However, these tasks are not impossible, it is our mere thinking that holds us back from accomplishing them.  These four strategies could help you on your journey to accomplishing the “impossible”


  1. Exercise your impossibility muscles: I know you are probably thinking that what is an impossibility muscle. An impossibility muscle is what keeps you in your comfort zone.  We often see things as impossible because we do not want to exert the energy to get out of our comfort zone, and often for good reason.  But unfortunately, if you want to begin accomplishing impossible things, you need to slowly train yourself to get out of your comfort zone.  Wake up everyday and intentionally do something that you are not normally comfortable doing.  Put yourself in situations that you are not comfortable in.  Do this often and slowly you will start to erode the fear or apprehension that tells you things are impossible.  Pretty soon, you will not see any task as impossible and you will be ready to insert yourself into doing “the impossible”


  1. Get a Mentor: Even though the title of this article is “How to do impossible things”, however, there are lots of people that have accomplished whatever task you deem “impossible”. Take for instance, running a mile in 4 minutes.  For most of humanity it was believed that running a mile in 4 minutes is not humanly possible, this feat translates into running a whole mile at a speed of 15 miles per hour.  Until one day in 1954, Roger Bannister completed this feat in 3.59.4.  Ironically after he did this, two months later, another runner broke this record.  1,303 people have completed this feat since Roger Bannister and today the current record for a mile is 3.43.13.  “Seek out mentors that have achieved the feat you want to achieve and imitate them.
  2. Deliberate Practice: The one simple way to achieve great things in life is practice. However, just practicing alone will not do it, it has to be deliberate towards a goal. For example, if you ran 5 miles everyday for a year and it took you 50 minutes every time, are you getting better? Can you achieve the impossible if you are doing the same thing over and over.  The goal here is to get better everyday.  Practice deliberately in order to get better everyday.
  3. Never Quit: This trait cannot be overstated. The only way to ensure failure is to quit. When you decide to accomplish “the impossible” and you have implemented the three strategies above, the final strategy is to Never Quit.  “The impossible” is never easy, if it was everyone would be doing it.  Thomas Edison took over a thousand attempts to create the lightbulb, Abraham Lincoln lost several elections to finally become the president and Roger Bannister had numerous failures before breaking the 4 minute mile.  “Never Quit”


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