Dear Friends,

Again I fail.


I have several bad habits that I am trying to break.  One of them is starting a project and quitting before it is accomplished.  I hate this habit of mine because it shows a flaw of character.  I am constantly trying to break this habit.  I always tell myself, Victor, you have to finish what you start.  Don’t quit, keep on moving, but I often fall short.


Recently, I signed up for a two year business coaching program.  This coaching and mentorship program helps real estate and mortgage brokers increase their profitability through accountability.  From the very onset it was extremely demanding, it required me to do things in a different way, things that will force me to get out of my comfort zone, it was difficult.  I tried very hard and told myself that I would not quit.  Unfortunately, half way during the first semester, I couldn’t take it anymore.  I cracked. I quit.  It really pisses me off that I failed again.  I came up with all sorts of reasons and excuses why I had quit.  I justified and rationalized my decision to quit.  It does not matter if my reason to quit was justified or not, I did not finish what I started again.  I am very disappointed in myself that I did not have the strength to finish what I started once again.


On a separate note, I would like to thank you all for all your support over the past 2.5 years I have been in Real Estate.  Because of your support, I have just been selected as one of the Top 20 under 40 rising stars of Real Estate in Houston by


 The awards will be presented on October 5th, 2016 at the Bayou City Event Center in a Hollywood style luncheon presentation featuring Ted Talk Speaker Celeste Headlee as the keynote speaker.  Please let me know by replying to this email if you would like to attend the award ceremony.


On a final note, I will be speaking at a Business Innovation seminar on the 10th of September, 2016 at 19830 FM 1093 suite 301, Richmond, TX 77407 from 10am to 2pm.  I will be speaking on “How To Grow Your Customer Base”.  I will be discussing the exact steps I took to build my Real Estate and Mortgage business from zero to $9.5 Million is sales volume in under 3 years.  You can register for this free event at  You will also have the opportunity to purchase a signed copy of the very first prints of my brand new book “Success Made Simple”.  As always, thank you for all your support.  I am eternally grateful and humbled.



Victor Lofinmakin


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