There is a big difference in the paradigm of successful people versus unsuccessful people.  Successful people tend to do very few things and do it well, while unsuccessful people try to do multiple things and do nothing well.


An unsuccessful person will say to himself, if I tried to do several things, my chance at being successful at one of them will be higher, while a successful person will say to herself, if I focused all my efforts on just one thing, my chance of success at that thing will be higher. Let us use this analogy, If you had to run a marathon and write an essay at the same time, would you increase your odds of success at either?  However, if you picked one and focused all your efforts in it, would you increase your odds of success.

In a company, you would not expect the C.E.O. to make service calls, trouble shoot the company’s IT issues, be the book keeper, pick up company mail and run the company.  To succeed at a high level, you have to be a specialist.


Highly successful people focus their efforts on one or two of the most important tasks at the most, once they accomplish that task, then they move on to the next one…they slowly build their success on a platform of small achievements.


If you have been trying to tackle too many projects at once, it will be wiser to put everything else on hold and try to tackle it one at a time. Or you can outsource a lot of the other tasks to others and focus on what will bring you the most return on your efforts.



Victor Lofinmakin


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