Over the past five years, I have worked extremely hard to build a real estate brokerage business.  I have had moderate success primarily because I have built my business on three core principles.  Knowledge . Integrity . Service.  However, lately, I have personally struggled with the third principle, which is Service.  My signature line reads, “Obsessed with Service”, however, I personally feel that my business and organization has become less “Obsessed with Service” as we have attempted to grow and scale. Even though some clients, colleagues, friends and family still encourage us that we are exemplary in comparison to other brokers, I personally feel that our care and commitment to results has been declining as we attempt to grow and balance work with other needs of life.
The good news is that our business have grown consistently and more people have continued to place their trust in our organization, however, I personally have struggled to continuously deliver “Obsessed with Service” type of service while trying to meet up with family and personal demands, US Navy Reserves (my other job) demands, Professional and Personal Growth demands, scaling the Real Estate brokerage and expanding into other related businesses.
I truly appreciate everyone that has placed their trust in my organization and me and I take this responsibility extremely seriously.  I am taking active steps to right this ship of service and results.  I have implemented a more regimented training program, I have consulted with professional consulting company, I have decided to hire more employees, I have decided to document processes in detail to achieve more consistent results. I have also decided to ask for more assistance and guidance from mentors and from you.  Please let me know if you have any advice for me on how to scale while maintaining top notch service.  Thanks.
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