As we wrap of 2017, several of us will begin setting goals for the upcoming year.  This article will better equip you to achieve your goals using the concept of Pain and Pleasure.

Every action we take is always about pain and pleasure, we do this subconsciously everyday.  I am sure we have all set a goal that we did not meet.  For the most part, the reason for not meeting the goal is either of these two things.  1.  The pain to achieve the goal is greater than the pleasure it produces (subjective).  2.  There is not enough pain associated with not achieving the goal.  Even though we all want to enjoy the benefit of achieving our goal, unfortunately, as humans we are more likely to run avoid pain than to embrace pleasure.  This is mostly related to the fact that avoiding pain is critical to survival, whereas embracing pleasure isn’t.
Here are two things we need to do to achieve our goals.  
1.  Always attach a huge pain to not achieving your goals:  When we set goals, the benefit is often clear or we often attach a pleasure to it.  But what we also need to do is to attach a huge punishment if we don’t attain the goal.  Since we are more motivated by pain.  For example, we all know that not obeying traffic laws can lead to accidents, so it is beneficial to obey traffic laws, but to most of us, getting a huge ticket fine is what compels us to obey traffic laws, not the benefit of less accidents.  So next time you set a goal, also set a huge punishment for not achieving the goal.  Your natural instincts will be to avoid the pain, which will propel you to achieving the goal.
2.  Develop your pain muscles:  The other reason why we don’t achieve a goal is because we don’t want to go through the pain to achieve the goal.  Take for instance, you want to lose weight, but you do not want to endure the pain of running daily, denying yourself of sweets etc.  Avoiding the pain of achieving a goal is very human.  However, setting daily painful activities for yourself helps you develop you pain muscles so that you are not so quick to avoid pain in the future.  Activities like taking a cold shower, random fasting, not watching TV for a week, not drinking for a month while attending bars regularly, will help you train your pain muscles.  Find time to train your pain muscles.
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