Finding your BIG why is extremely key to success and happiness in life.  It is the bedrock of achieving great things.  German Philosopher, Frederick Nietzsche once said, “He who has his ‘why’ can endure any ‘how””.  “The Big ‘why’ is about having a purpose, a mission or a need that in turn gives you focus” -Gary Keller. “High achievers always have a Big ‘why’ powering their actions, A big ‘why’ brings big focus and big energy.” – Gary Keller.
Most people realize that having a BIG ‘why’ is critical, however, the process of finding their BIG ‘why’ is tricky.  Here are two quick steps to help you find your BIG ‘why’.
1. Describe why you do, then what you do: We are often asked by people, what you do you do?  and we often respond with I am a …. or I do …, In order to find your big why, you should respond with, why you do what you do first, then what you do.  This task could be a little difficult at first, but as you continue to struggle to answer your why before your what, your BIG ‘why’ will become increasingly clearer.   For example, instead of saying that I am a Real Estate and Mortgage Broker, I can say, I am in business to change the lives of the people I run into by helping them build wealth in Real Estate.  Since homeowners have a higher net worth than home renters.  I do this as a Real Estate and Mortgage Broker. Or you say I am in business to accomplish / foster a better relationship among kids and parents. I do that by …
2. Seek to solve a problem, not take advantage of an opportunity: Most of us often take on an occupation or a business because an opportunity presents itself or there is a demand in a certain industry.  Taking this approach is useful in order to earn a living, but in order to find your ‘BIG’ why, we have to seek to solve a problem or advance a cause, instead of just managing your business, work or life. Being associated with a cause bigger than ourselves, solving a complex problem, or advancing a movement is a way to find your BIG why.
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