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In my best selling book, Success Made Simple, we discussed that the purpose of a person is to be Happy and Successful, but what comes after success?  Success can be anticlimactic at times.  The phrase “it is lonely at the top” is real.  Oftentimes, people that have achieved an incredible amount of success in life often asks…what’s next?  Most successful people spend so much of their energy and life chasing success, and when they attain it, they spend all their energy and life trying not to lose it.  This could lead to a life not well spent.  Attaining Significance is what comes after Attaining Success.
3 Ways to Achieve Significance.
1.  Do for Others:  It is often said that the world’s most powerful anti-depressant is doing things for others.  It is no wonder why highly successful people such as Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, etc. turn to philanthropy and charity while and after they have achieved high level of success.  Getting involved in a non-profit organization or establishing one is a way to attain Significance. Do for others without expecting anything in return.
2.  Do something that survives you:  In order to attain significance, it is important to create something that will be around after we are dead. Success eventually fades, Significance is forever. Put your energy into creating an organization, association, idea, a cause, or an event that is bigger than just your efforts, and that will survive you.  Take for instance, Nelson Mandela, Ghandi, Benjamin Franklin, most of these people were not the most financially successful people in their time, but they were of significance.
3.  Get curious in other activities:  Oftentimes, successful people try a new occupation, which ends up becoming their defining endeavor.  Getting curious in other activities and trying a a new venture is a way to achieve significance after success.  Take for instance Ronald Reagan, after attaining Success in Hollywood, he decided to venture into Politics, which ended up becoming the defining endeavor in his life. Elon Musk, also went from PayPal to Space Exploration, Richard Branson went from Music to Virgin Airways etc. Getting involved in new activities after success is magical.  You have the freedom and resources to think BIG.
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