In life, it’s easy to just want to coast along, especially when you have attained some level of success.  No wonder why highly successful people like Warren Buffett, Steve Jobs etc. keep working so hard even though it seems like they have it all.  To them, it’s not about money, it’s about constantly getting better, so you don’t get worse.  Just like in business, you are either getting more business or getting less, in fitness, you are either getting stronger or weaker, in health, you are either getting healthier or sicker.  You can’t be stagnant, there is no middle ground.  In the 1980s, there is an important concept called the Kaizen strategy, invented by Toyota.  Its a concept of Continuous Process Improvement.  This Kaizen strategy propelled Toyota to a world class auto maker.

3 Ways to continually improve.
1.  Good enough never is:  Instill a culture that the term “this is good enough” is not allowed in your life or your organization.  Do not give room for complacency.  Create a culture and system of continuously pushing the boundaries.
2.  Simplify:  Simplicity is one of the most certain ways of ensuring continuous improvement.  It is difficult to consistently improve on complexity.  Keeping your organization, tools, goals simple is a way to keep improving.  Making things simple is a form of improvement.
3.  Measure what matters:  You can’t improve what you don’t measure.  Pick the few items you want to improve, be it your ability to run, your business, your family life, etc.  You have to create certain metrics that can allow you to know where you are, and know when you are getting better or getting worse.

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