We all make them at the beginning of every new year. Goals.  Some of us have multiple, some of us have few, and some of us change them as we go along.  As today marks the first day of the last quarter of 2017.  I want to urge us to re-engage with our goals.  I want you to pull out of your goals, and accomplish them for 2017.  It’s never too late.  Here are a few pointers to help you finish the year strong.

1.  You have to have the attitude that once you commit to these goals, you must follow through, no matter what.  You might have to cancel vacations, go out less, don’t purchase the new TV you want.  For positive reinforcement, you might want to tie in a reward with accomplishing your goals, but you must attain your goals no matter what.  In my new upcoming book, “Finding Happiness Is Your Purpose”, we discussed the correlation of achieving goals and happiness.  It is extremely important not to take a lackadaisical approach about achieving goals, but to be ferocious about it in order to achieve our goals.
2.  Distractions causes failures, discipline moves you forward -Diana Kokoszka:  The thing with distractions is that we often recognize them but we do not always avoid them.  It’s either out of convenience or to avoid conflict.  But there are some distractions that are hard to spot, they pretend to be good deals, but they actual move you away from your goals.  Not all good deals are good for you.  Stick to your goals, be discipline and avoid distractions. Staying focused is key in order to accomplish your goals.
3.  Take action today:  According to studies, people who take action within 24 hoursof making a decision, have an 80% chance of achieving their goal.  Decide on which action you will take in the next 24 hours in order to accomplish your goal for the year. Put together your Plan Of Action and Milestone and take action TODAY.
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