“We teach best what we most need to learn” – Richard Bach


I have two short stories to share.


My last week’s article was titled “Don’t Save Sex For Your Old Age”.  The premise of the article was that in our pursuit of success, we should not delay spending quality time with our friends and family, pursuing our dreams and passion, taking care of our health and not sacrificing the great for the good.  As soon as I sent this email out, I received a poignant email back from my wife which said, “Great article, except for the typos…Now you should begin taking your own advice”  That line has been playing in my head over and over again because I have literally worked non-stop for the past three years.  The financial and professional rewards have been fulfilling but the toll on the other aspects of life has been immense as well.  I wished I had taken my own advice sooner.


Second story: As we began this new year, I desired to make a major transition in my business.  This transition requires immense risks but will potentially lead to higher profitability, and better structure and systems.  However, the potential of failure was daunting.  I convinced myself that I had some compelling REASONS not to make the transition.  I contemplated the possibility of failure, I contemplated the slowdown in the Houston’s economy, I contemplated whether I could afford the transition, I even questioned my intelligence to pull it off.  After a while, it dawned on me that all these so called “REASONS” are just FEARS.  I realized that as long as I believe that I had valid REASONS not to make the transition, I will never make the transition, because no one sees the need to go against valid REASONS, but once I embraced my FEARS, I knew I had to conquer those fears at all cost.  I knew I had to make the transition.  So When you have Fears about pursuing your goals, do not mask them as Reasons.  They are not reasons, they are fears.  Embrace your fears and conquer them.


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