In Chapter 10 of my new book “Success Made Simple”, the concept of the “Purpose of Money” was discussed.  The case was made that the purpose of money is to provide Security and Happiness and not “just to keep increasing your money for the sake of increasing it”  One of my favorite quotes is from Jean-Jacques Rousseau, it say “The money you have gives you freedom, the money you pursue enslaves you”


As I go around my day, I find several people that are delaying their happiness to the future.  I hear people saying that after they sacrifice a few more years at a job they hate, then they will begin pursuing their real passion.  I hear several people saying after their kids turn 18, then they will leave a loveless / joyless marriage.  I see people delaying the pursuit of their dreams and future for a later date.  Even though the concept of delayed gratification significantly increases your success, the meaningless pursuit of more stuff over happiness is like “saving sex for your old age”, that’s folly.


As we turn the new year, it’s time for you to start pursuing your passion.  Start pursuing your idea of happiness and success.  The only time that is guaranteed is now.  Spend your “now” pursuing happiness and success.  Spend quality time with your family and friends, Take good care of your health, Don’t sacrifice the great for the good.


To a happy and successful 2017.


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