Last year a very dear and loving friend of mine was diagnosed with terminal cancer and was given a very short time left to live.  Upon finding out, I planned to visit him but demands of building my infant business kept me too busy to visit.  Week after week, I postponed my visit to him.  As you could have guessed it, I was called on a random Sunday afternoon that he had passed away.  I was devastated.  I never got the chance to visit with him while he was sick because I was “too busy”.  Upon hearing the news of his death, I dropped everything I was doing and went to visit his family to offer my condolences.  I spent 6 hours straight with his family.  This story has always bothered me, because it shows how selfish I am.  It shows that I had the time to visit my terminally ill friend all along but I put one more deal over visiting a dying friend.


Fast forward one year later, one of my best US Navy Sailors was diagnosed with cancer a week after he found out that he had been promoted to the most important rank of his Naval career.  Again, I promised to go visit him at my earliest convenience and again I was caught with the busyness of life.  However this time around, I stopped everything I was doing at the most inconvenient time and visited him.  I visited with him and his daughter and family on a Sunday evening.  He passed away less than a week after that.

These stories helped put things in perspective for me.  I have readjusted my schedule to make sure that I take care of my health and well being first.  I am making more time for my family and friends and making more time to do the things that I really enjoy.  I will be there to support my loved ones when they need me and I will not be overly focused on the next deal.


“If you live each day as it was your last, someday you’ll most certainly be right”

-Steve Jobs



Victor Lofinmakin

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