The purpose of a man is to be happy and successful.  -Victor Lofinmakin


Today’s article has nothing to do with finance, real estate or success.  It is simply about happiness.  I truly believe that being happy is our first purpose in life and this purpose is increasingly elusive to most people nowadays.  I was inspired to write this after watching a short video by TD Jakes discussing this topic.  Here are three simple tips that would lead to a happier you.


  1. Own Your Happiness: Several people are unhappy because they are expecting someone else or something else to make them happy.  The fact is nothing or no one can make you happy, certainly not for long.  You have to own your own happiness.  Happiness is a decision.  Do not rely on your kids, your spouse, your fancy car or anything external to make you happy.  Happiness comes from within.  It is peace, contentment, freedom from within.  You have to decide to do what brings you happiness regardless of others and things.


  1. Enjoy the Journey: Most of us are disciplined and goal oriented people which leads us to sacrifice a lot to meet our goals.  We often delay enjoyment until we accomplish our goals.  Some people wait until retirement or wait until they have a million dollars net worth, or wait to get married etc.  It is important to enjoy the journey on the way to accomplishing our goals.  Take a moment to laugh each day.  Enjoy your journey, not just the destination.



  1. Make Relationships Count: There is no life without relationships.  Things will not bring you happiness.  Relationships do.  Cultivate and nurture the relationships around you.  Make time for your relationship with God (if you believe in God), your family, your kids, your co-workers etc.  There is no success without relationship.  I once had dinner with a high ranking US Navy Admiral, and I asked him if he could have one do-over in his career, what would it be?  He answered without even thinking.  He said spend less time on my career and more with my family.  Nurture your relationships.  Make them count.





Victor Lofinmakin

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